Smoothie Obsession

Being a busy college student I am always running around from one activity to the next. When I know that I am going to be out for the day I try to bring healthy snacks to keep myself full. However, I’ve realized that with this hectic lifestyle I am not getting enough vegetables on a regular basis. My snacks would consist of granola bars and pieces of fruit. Even these snacks wouldn’t be categorized as “bad snacks” I still wanted to kick it up a notch. Now when I leave my house I always leave with a smoothie.

Smoothies make it easy to get protein, fruits, and vegetables all in one tasty treat. Often times people get skeptical about putting vegetables into a smoothie. What they don’t get is that you can’t taste them. The taste is masked by the fruit.

Here is an example of one of my favorite smoothies: about 1 cup of frozen blueberries, about 2 cups of spinach, a scoop of protein powder, a couple spoonfuls of plain greek yogurt, about 1/2 cup of almond milk, and about 1/2 of a frozen banana (add liquid as necessary)

Now, the reason I say “about” is because smoothies are very hard to mess up. You blend everything together, take a taste and if you can’t taste one thing or taste to much of another you just add some more of whatever it is you think it needs. They’re easy to make, super healthy, and great for when you’re on the go!

-Dominique Klimek


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