Preparation is Key

     To maintain a healthy diet preparation is key. It is important that when you wake up in the morning you know when you will have time to eat and what you plan on eating. For college students it is hard to eat healthy if you are running out the door without any snacks. Then in class when your stomach rumbles you run off to the nearest vending machine for a bag of chips. Preparation will help keep you full of good foods rather than foods that will just slow you down.

     Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier. This will give you the extra time you need to pack and prepare for the day ahead. The best way to plan the amount of snacks to pack is by measuring the amount of hours you will be out. Ideally, you want to have a snack for every three hours. This will keep your metabolism high while keeping you full. If you know you’ll be out from 9am to 5pm then you should be packing two snacks: a snack for 12 and a snack for 3. That is if you are leaving yourself time to eat breakfast before heading out, if not, then you need to pack a breakfast as well.

Here are some healthy, easy snacks to pack:

-apples and peanutbutter

-veggie mix (edamame, tomatoes, carrots, celery, etc)

-sliced apples with cinnamon

-piece of whole fruit (banana, orange, apple, etc)

-trail mix (almond, peanuts, raisins, etc)


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