Switch It Up At The Gym

Going to the gym can be very tedious. If you don’t switch up your workouts often enough the gym will get very boring very fast. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to switch up your normal gym routine. 
     One way to way to switch it up at the gym is alternating between cardio workouts and strength training workouts. Dedicate some days solely to cardio exercises and dedicate the alternating days to strength training. Even when you’re switching up your routine by alternating your strength and cardio training, take it a step further. Don’t constantly use the treadmill. Switch over to a new machine like the bike or elliptical. By always changing your workout routine you’ll keep your body guessing and save yourself from boredom.
    Try out some of the classes that the Rec Center has to offer. It will be hard to get bored with the variety of classes offered at the rec. Not only will taking classes keep your workouts fun but you’ll also be sure to work your butt off.
     Another way to add change to your workout routine could be by taking it outside of the gym. With the warm weather approaching it will be a nice change to get outside for a walk or jog. This way you’re getting fresh air while getting in some exercise.
     Exercise should be fun and enjoyable. Keeping workouts new and fresh is one way to keep them enjoyable. It is important to try new things and discover what types of workouts are best for you.


photo taken from: http://www.fitsugar.com/Treadmill-Workouts-Beginner-Advanced-18625724



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