If You Run, You Are A Runner

Image Source: http://eat-spin-run-repeat.com/2013/03/18/the-eat-spin-run-repeat/
By: Dominique Klimek
If you go on jogs or runs, you are a runner. If you do not consider yourself a runner it isn’t because you aren’t, just stick with it longer. Running is such a self-rewarding sport. It is a competition with yourself, not another team or individuals, just you. Every run you go on, no matter how slow or how short, helps you in your journey to becoming a runner. Spring is here and the warm weather is coming! It’s the perfect time to begin.
When you first start out as a runner you feel as though you’re lungs could close up any minute. As you keep up with your runs each day gets easier and easier. You can feel your progression in your breathing. You’ll notice that you are no longer huffing and puffing. Maybe you have a running partner and you notice that you cans tart carrying a conversation as you run. 
A lot of people don’t view running as a fun exercise. It’s only because they have not hit their running groove yet. You need to find your stride and rhythm. Create a playlist of songs that work for you and your running tempo. Music can be the ultimate weapon in running. When “your” song comes on you’ll feel your legs moving faster and your arms pumping harder. Maybe you will even hit a runner’s high and feel as though you could run forever.
I think that everyone has a runner inside of them. The benefits include a healthy lifestyle and self-confidence. It helps you to become motivated and self-aware. Running becomes an outlet for stress, anger, sadness and joy. Below are some beginner running plans to help you along on your journey to becoming a runner. Remember, the first few runs are the hardest and then it only gets easier. Stick with it and set goals!
Beginner Running Plans:

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