Push Pals

By Kat Masterson

We all have our own personal health and fitness goals, but sometimes, we need a little push. In a joint effort with Healthy Campus Initiatives and the Rec Center, a new program called “Push Pals” is being introduced to the Rowan student community. With a Push Pal, students can either bring their own pal that they have worked with in the past towards fitness goals, or come to meet a new fitness partner!

Push Pals can provide a sense of motivation that might not otherwise exist. 

To learn more about the program, come out to the Meet and Greet session at the Rec Center on March 27th at 3:30PM. At the Meet and Greet, you can meet other students that are equally interested in finding a new sense of accountability for their personal fitness and health and learn more about the way the program works. You can also check out the Facebook event page: here

Let’s keep those New Year’s Resolutions going strong!

ImageImage Source: http://www.openideo.com/open/well-work/concepting/health-competitions/



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