Tips and Tricks for Healthy Living


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National Nutrition Month is coming up! March is the month for nutrition and all things healthy!

Whether your interest is in performance, health or losing weight there are many different things you can do to lead a better lifestyle.

From boards on Pinterest to from suggestions in my magazines there is always a new way to brighten up the way you eat. Being healthy does not have to be boring!

To help better prepare for this month below are 10 Tips & Tricks you can do or try to eat better and feel better about what and how you are eating.

1) We all know this, but skip the fast food! It may seem easy to run out and grab a burger and fries, but in that time you could easily make a salad.

2) Portion sizes are extremely important. An easy tip is to measure meal portion based on your own hand. Breads= full hand, meats= palm of hand, veggies/pasta/rice= fist and butter= fingertip.

3) Preplan meals by the day or week. For example, the night before prepare all your meals for the next day so they are easy to grab and go.

4) Ever hear of swapping butter with bananas? Try it! Especially when baking.

5) Satisfy your desire for dessert with: wafers or low fat cookies, frozen whipped topping or freezing yogurt and putting it onto a cookie and then adding dark chocolate chips on the edges!

6) Instead of ice cream, in a blender mix frozen berries, greek yogurt and honey.

7) Use lettuce to wrap your sandwiches instead of wheat wraps or bread.

8) Baked zucchini chips are a healthier option then regular chips! Simply slice the zucchini thinly, use a little sea salt and bake in the oven. (You can even try this with other veggies you love!)

9) Pre-cut and wash all your fruits and veggies then store them in Tupperware so they are available to eat right when you want them.

10) Before you let your cravings take over try drinking a glass of water and then decide if you are still hungry or it was just a trick of the mind.

What are some of the things you do to eat healthy? Comment below with some things you like to do or places that you find information for nutrition!

By: Alison Nowak


Stress Management: Put Yourself First

Taking care of your mental health is just as important as paying attention to your physical health.

Things on a daily, weekly or monthly basis can affect the way you feel by making you happy or sad, and this can take a toll on your mind and body when constantly fluctuating.


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Some things that can negatively affect the way you feel are:

  • Stress (From school or work)
  • Not getting enough sleep!
    • It is important to get enough hours of sleep each night otherwise it can leave you irritated or not capable of accomplishing tasks to your fullest.
    • Drugs or alcohol

Some things that can positively affect the way you feel are:

  • Eating Healthy
  • Taking a mental break when you need to!
    • Sometimes it is important to take a break from everything and do what makes you happy. (yoga, reading, playing with your pet or taking a walk)
    • Exercise
    • Spending time with friends or family
    • Stepping away from the television or computer and enjoying the outdoors

To try and limit anxiety, stress, or unhappiness try to change things up in your everyday life to make yourself happy! Sometimes we all need a break to work on ourselves.

Comment below with different things you do to take a break from stressful times.

By: Alison Nowak

Random Acts of Kindness Week!

Since it is National Random Acts of Kindness Week I thought Healthy Campus Initiatives would like to share some ways to appreciate the people around you whether you know them or not!


  1. Never forget to say “excuse me” when you are trying to pass someone or reach around them! It always is respectful and often not used enough these days!
  2. Share a compliment with someone. It is simple and easy but makes someone feel great about themselves.
  3. Hold the door open for someone.
  4. Say “Thank you” more often.
  5. Share a smile!
  6. Donate old clothing or books.
  7. Send a care package, whether it is for a family member or a friend it is sure to brighten someone’s day.
  8. Bring flowers to someone.
  9. Be there for someone who needs to vent. Just listen to someone and if they need advice then jump in and talk.
  10. Leave a note for someone. You may or may not know them who wouldn’t want to get a nice note when they are least expecting it?

There are many different ways to be kind! When people least expect it try and make their day!

Leave a comment below with some ways you have shared a random act of kindness!

Also, check out the interns of Healthy Campus Initiatives from Rowan University showing 10 Ways to Show Appreciation! We all appreciate you and hope this brings a little smile to your day!

By: Alison Nowak