Staying Positive



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With midterms fast approaching, it may seem hard to stay positive and not stress out from the upcoming tests or papers. It is important to remain confident and hold a healthy and positive attitude as we enter our midterms. Remaining confident in our studies increases our chances of earning a good grade. A good philosophy is:

  • Study hard! When a test is approaching, it is best to be prepared. Begin studying a week or two prior to the exam. When writing a paper, do several drafts before completing a final draft. This can help with your writing style. The tutoring and writing center are also available; you can make appointments to help prepare yourself for a test or paper. Procrastination will only hinder your chances for a good grade.
  • Enter the exam with confidence. This is one of the most important factors going into a test or when writing a paper. If you know you studied hard for a test, or worked very hard on a paper then you should be confident that your hard work will pay off. Having a defeatist attitude towards a test or paper will only result in a bad grade. I believe you WILL be successful if you believe you can be!
  • Feeling relieved that you finished the exam. I always love making plans after finishing an exam, whether it is meeting up with friends or doing other therapeutic activities like playing The Sims. There is no greater feeling then having the weight of a test or paper taken off of your shoulders. Congratulating yourself with a fun activity after the exam is the perfect way to relieve yourself of all the pressure you were under.

** Do not forget that your professors are there for a reason and you can always talk to them if needed! It is also important to note, that programs like the tutoring center and writing center are at your disposal if you need help studying for a exam, or writing a paper. I was once told that 90% of the things you will worry about tend to solve them self, and if you know you are prepared then don’t let the small stuff get you, because that is life.

By: Jim Skala


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