Healthy Communication



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Sometimes we are too busy texting, sometimes we are oblivious and sometimes we just do not feel like dealing with other people. Whatever the case is… communicating with people is not always the easiest thing to do.

There have been plenty of times that I just am not in the mood to listen to someone or simply DO NOT pay attention. Most of the time that’s when I am dealing with my parents or someone trying to tell me what to do! The thing is… that’s just not acceptable in the real world.

The problem is that whether we are in a school environment or a work environment there will be times we have to communicate with people.

From my point of view.. at times professionalism can be lost. If something is important we may take the time to spell check our emails… but what about the other 95% of our time? When is it socially acceptable to communicate with a “hey what’s up” versus a “good afternoon, how are you doing” kind of message?

So whether you are dealing with people in the work-force or using this in your daily interaction take a few minutes to think about how you communicate.

Below are a few healthy ways to communicate, both face-to-face and through different mediums:

–          Try communicating face-to-face when possible. Nowadays we are in constant communication but it is often through our phones when texting! Reach out and talk to your friends, co-workers, etc in person! It makes a huge difference to show initiative when making time for someone.

–          When communicating be honest, be open and most of all be yourself!

–          Watch your non-verbal’s when communicating! This truly only is relevant when in person but the way you position yourself, the faces you make, your posture and hand movements can all have an effect on communicating.

–          If you struggle to understand others when you’re communicating seek for additional help!

–          Especially in relationships, communicating is key, whether its romantic, a friendship or work related, you need to communicate clearly. Take the time to think about what your saying, make an effort to help people understand your ideas and do not get overwhelmed if you do not understand each other.

–          Share positive feelings when possible, not only negative feelings!

–          Listening is also important when it comes to communication! Keep eye contact, face your partner and be genuine!

By: Alison Nowak


How to be a Pro at Studying



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Studying for exams can be quite overwhelming. Not everyone knows what works best for them. Not everyone knows how to study.

I have never been the student that was able to walk into a class, sit down, take an exam and pass it with flying colors without looking at the material beforehand.  For me, especially before college, flashcards were my best friend, I would need to look at the material well in advance and actually refrain from seeing my friends on occasion when I knew passing the test meant secluding myself from the world.

Everyone studies differently, we may like different settings, and some of us may like to listen to music while others need complete silence. Whatever helps you study is important because when it comes time to cram for your finals you will need to be confident in the methods you use to be confident in yourself!

These are a few things you should take into consideration when studying for your next exam!

1)      Find a location that fits your needs! {Do you work best in the library, coffee shop or your desk at home?}

2)      Are you better at studying alone or with a partner or group?

3)      Find what time of day works best for you. {Morning, Afternoon or Night}

4)      Are you better at studying in short burst or over long periods of time?

5)      Try and just focus on JUST studying. {Put your phone aside and turn off the TV}

6)      Different methods for studying: flash cards, re-writing information, outlining and reading.{See which works best for you and stick with it}

7)      Concentrate on the things you do not know rather than the things you are confident in.

8)      Keep a healthy snack nearby! {Try and prep ahead of time if you do not like to break or take a couple minutes and grab something then jump back in}

9)      Reward yourself!

10)   Stay Calm!

Finals are quickly approaching and all of our teachers are starting to make assignments due! So keep track of what you have due and when you have your exams. Remember do NOT panic! Everything will be alright as long as you prepare!

Comment below if you have any suggestions or other tips that help you study!

By: Alison Nowak

Take Back the Night 2014

Take Back the night was packed full with information and empowering messages. The back patio at Rowan University was taken over with all the different organizations participating, the designing of t-shirt’s with empowering messages for survivors and hearing the survivors speak about their personal experiences relating to sexual assault and what they have been through.


By far the most emotional part of the night was hearing the survivors speak, the strength it takes to stand up and share their stories was commendable. Not one person listening was left untouched.


Finishing up the night, everyone at the event, with glow stick in hand took a symbolic walk around the University to show their support for this cause. Without the participation from students and members of the community this event would not have been as powerful as it was. 

A special thank you to all of the organizations that participated in Take Back the Night, as well as all the students who supported the sexual assault awareness event.

I would also like to thank Allie Pearce, Sarah Tam, the survivors and everyone else who helped make this event special.

By: Alison Nowak

Photo Credit: Healthy Campus Initiatives- Rowan University

My Take on Take Back the Night…

The day is finally here! Rowan University in conjunction with Healthy Campus Initiatives and student organizations such as: Sigma Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, RIRSA, Gamma Chi Sigma/Victim Awareness, Lucy Vox, PRSSA/PACT5, HELP Hotline, Alpha Nu Omega, Rowan University Campus Players, New Life Ministries, GSA, Women’s Ultimate (Sport Club) and Tau Epsilon Phi- will hold its annual event in support of Sexual Awareness.

Over the course of a few weeks we have been collecting messages of support. “What would you want survivors to know?” I must admit the involvement from other students on campus and the messages they have for survivors are amazing. Up to this point we have collected around 200 messages! Around 133 pictures can be seen on Rowan University- Healthy Campus Initiatives social media sites! {I will link the sources below! Check them out for some inspiration!}



If I could tell a survivor of sexual assault one thing it would be this:

Know what happened to you is NOT your fault. YOU did NOT ask for this to happen to you, nor did you deserve for it to happen to you. You are STRONG. You are stronger than you ever knew you could be. I want you to know that some days may be bad days but the good days are not far off. People love you, your family loves you, your friends love you and complete strangers support you! Speak out! Listen to other survivors stories because you are not alone. Find comfort in those around you and never, ever, let it bring you down because I promise you, you can get through this and will be a stronger person for it!

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” 
― Marcus AureliusMeditations

Feel free to comment below with messages of support for survivors that you have. Please stop by Rowan University’s Event today at 6:30 on the Student Center Patio! There will be tables set up with information and activities, speakers, basket and gift card raffles and in conclusion a symbolic walk!

Please come out and show support! I know I will!

By: Alison Nowak

Check out HCI Social Media to see some messages from students and staff!
Instagram: @RUHealthyCampus
Facebook: Healthy Campus Initiatives at Rowan University

Healthy Campus Initiatives Upcoming Events @ Rowan University

Healthy Campus Initiatives will be holding many upcoming events for students!

Check out the events below!

Take Back the Night:

  • When: Tuesday, April 8th, 2014 @ 6:30pm
  • Where: Student Center Patio

 This annual event is on sexual assault awareness. We want to bring awareness of sexual assault and how wide-spread, yet under reported this issue is. Many on-campus organizations will be raffling off baskets. There will also be an open-mic, for anyone interested in speaking about this subject, and in concluding this event everyone will participate in a walk around campus. Please stop by the student center patio to show your support on this issue!

Suicide Awareness Walk:

  • Sponsored by: Healthy Campus Initiatives & Greek Life
  • When: April 22nd, 2014 @ 6:00pm
  • Where: Meet at the Student Center Patio

This walk will bring awareness and  understanding about prevention on the subject of suicide. Suicide is among one of the most common deaths in high-school and college students! Please come show your support!

By: Jim Skala