Take Back the Night 2014

Take Back the night was packed full with information and empowering messages. The back patio at Rowan University was taken over with all the different organizations participating, the designing of t-shirt’s with empowering messages for survivors and hearing the survivors speak about their personal experiences relating to sexual assault and what they have been through.


By far the most emotional part of the night was hearing the survivors speak, the strength it takes to stand up and share their stories was commendable. Not one person listening was left untouched.


Finishing up the night, everyone at the event, with glow stick in hand took a symbolic walk around the University to show their support for this cause. Without the participation from students and members of the community this event would not have been as powerful as it was. 

A special thank you to all of the organizations that participated in Take Back the Night, as well as all the students who supported the sexual assault awareness event.

I would also like to thank Allie Pearce, Sarah Tam, the survivors and everyone else who helped make this event special.

By: Alison Nowak

Photo Credit: Healthy Campus Initiatives- Rowan University


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