How to be a Pro at Studying



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Studying for exams can be quite overwhelming. Not everyone knows what works best for them. Not everyone knows how to study.

I have never been the student that was able to walk into a class, sit down, take an exam and pass it with flying colors without looking at the material beforehand.  For me, especially before college, flashcards were my best friend, I would need to look at the material well in advance and actually refrain from seeing my friends on occasion when I knew passing the test meant secluding myself from the world.

Everyone studies differently, we may like different settings, and some of us may like to listen to music while others need complete silence. Whatever helps you study is important because when it comes time to cram for your finals you will need to be confident in the methods you use to be confident in yourself!

These are a few things you should take into consideration when studying for your next exam!

1)      Find a location that fits your needs! {Do you work best in the library, coffee shop or your desk at home?}

2)      Are you better at studying alone or with a partner or group?

3)      Find what time of day works best for you. {Morning, Afternoon or Night}

4)      Are you better at studying in short burst or over long periods of time?

5)      Try and just focus on JUST studying. {Put your phone aside and turn off the TV}

6)      Different methods for studying: flash cards, re-writing information, outlining and reading.{See which works best for you and stick with it}

7)      Concentrate on the things you do not know rather than the things you are confident in.

8)      Keep a healthy snack nearby! {Try and prep ahead of time if you do not like to break or take a couple minutes and grab something then jump back in}

9)      Reward yourself!

10)   Stay Calm!

Finals are quickly approaching and all of our teachers are starting to make assignments due! So keep track of what you have due and when you have your exams. Remember do NOT panic! Everything will be alright as long as you prepare!

Comment below if you have any suggestions or other tips that help you study!

By: Alison Nowak


2 thoughts on “How to be a Pro at Studying

  1. Super helpful! I do a lot of these already but my phone is always a distraction! Last finals week I asked my roommate to hide my phone somewhere and then I left the room so that I wouldn’t look for it! Drastic but it worked!

    1. Even with me my phone is constantly a distraction! Its hard to put it aside when I know my friends might be texting me. I make sure to tell them before that I am going to be non-existent for a couple hours and not to be worried when I do not answer!

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