Say Goodbye To Stress!

Hello Rowan Students! Summer is here, but the fall is right around the corner. For most students, that means so is stress. Why not start learning how to get stress under control now? There are so many healthy ways to help manage stress before it gets to be too much. Start doing things that make you happy, and make you feel in control! Of course some of you may be thinking, “Well how am I possibly going to have time to do anything once school starts back up again?” Fortunately, there are things that will not take much time from your day that will help your body and your mind in a positive way! Here are just a few tips on how to relieve some stress:

  • Take a few minutes to listen to a song that makes you feel happy, or reminds you of a good time.
  • Try meditating or doing yoga. Even 10 minutes can help relax your body and mind!
  • Go for a walk. Exercise, even in light forms, will release endorphins that will help improve your mood!
  • Swap your coffee for a cup of tea. Caffeine from coffee and energy drinks can make your heart race, and make you feel more anxious and stressed. Green tea has a lot less caffeine and is very soothing.

So there you have it! Try these tips while you’re feeling stressed and see how easy and helpful they really are!


By: Alyssa Scarpato


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