Nutrition On-Campus: Meet the RD!

On the first Monday of every month, HCI runs a table at the Student Center to promote “Healthy Monday,” a nation-wide campaign to inspire students to make an active health-related (visit us on 11/3 between 11 am-1 pm). Often times, students will visit from the Marketplace with an ice cream cone or a few cookies in hand and opt to eat healthier and frequent the gym during the week. I view this as leading a balanced lifestyle, if treats are enjoyed in moderation, but many students fall into the habit of over-consumption and taking in more calories than their bodies require. Older students may have more advanced time-management skills because of a couple of years of college experience, but I find that it is incredibly common for freshmen and sophomores to fall into a rut of fast food, too many drinks, and skipping the gym.

The best way to make a change is to educate yourself first and utilize some of the resources we have on-campus. Did you know that we have a Registered Dietician available at the Wellness Center? Jennifer Fratini, RD, offers advice and services to educate students who are interested in making nutrition-related changes. Read on to find out about how you can benefit from meeting with the RU RD!

Q. What service do you provide through the Wellness Center?
I am a Registered Dietitian who offers nutritional advice to students at the Wellness Center at Rowan.

Q. How could students benefit from scheduling an appointment with you?
Students could benefit from scheduling an appointment with me in many ways. If they have a nutritional issue with a chronic disease then I can give them information on how to help with that. If they are looking for some healthy eating diet changes then we can go over their diet and find out ways to incorporate more healthful meal practices. I can also help them with eating better on a budget. I also am part of the Eating Disorder team and work with students with eating disorders.

Q. What tips do you have for students who are interested in healthier meal options, both on and off-campus?
The biggest tip I would give students who are interested in healthier meal options is plan your meals. If you are on campus take a tour of your dining options and think about what you can eat for the week. There are many healthy options at the dining hall and working ahead and writing out what you can have for the week will minimize the urge to grab fast convenient food that may not be your healthiest option. Off campus there are many places that have healthy options and kcals are now accessible on menus. Even the Chinese all you can eat buffets have a stir fry section where you can make yourself a healthy stir fry option with lean protein, vegetable and brown rice which is a helpful meal.
Another healthy eating tip I would give college students is budgeting. Eating healthy does not have to be expensive. Get fruits and vegetables that are in season- this will cut down on costs. For students who have access to a kitchen they can cook a big batch of their favorite healthy meal, freeze it and eat a few times that week. For eating off campus stick to water as your beverage which at most places is free and eat healthy breakfasts or lunches out and have your smaller meal dinner from your own kitchen or with our dining services here at Rowan.

Q. What resources do you suggest for students looking to learn more about nutrition (websites, on-campus programs, etc.)?
A. Here are some resources for students looking to learn more about nutrition:

Phone Applications: Epicurious’ Recipes & Shopping List/ My Fitnesspal/ Loseit/ Calorie Tracker/ Go Meals/ Mynetdiary

Exercise applications: Fitness builder/ Accupedo Pedometer Widget (for Android)/ and Pedometer Pro GPS (iphone)

There is also a Registered Dietitian on staff at ShopRite in Glassboro to take students around their store.

Q. How can students contact you?
Students can contact me at the Wellness Center at Winans Hall. I am always available Wednesday and Thursday for an appointment at the Wellness Center. They would call 856-256-4333 to make an appointment or can contact me via email at


Please contact Jennifer if you wish to advance your nutrition knowledge, receive help with eating issues, and become a healthier YOU!


By: Melissa Falzarano



2 thoughts on “Nutrition On-Campus: Meet the RD!

  1. Hi Christine- Be sure to let your doctor know about your hair loss. They may be able to recommend a diet change, or not. You can also make an appointment with Jennifer the RD at the Wellness Center to discuss. (856-256-4333).
    Thanks for reading!

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