Relieving Stress During Finals

No matter whom you are and what your major is, every college student experiences similar emotions during finals week. Stress is something that happens all year round, but it seems to escalate tremendously during this time of the semester. So what are some ways to reduce this feeling, and help us to perform to our best ability? An important tool to aid in relieving stress (that we often forget to do) is to give time to ourselves. For example, venture to an environment that is not crowded with students. Placing yourself in a stressful environment will not help your own emotions. It is completely okay to take a few moments to treat yourself to a cup of hot chocolate and some television before jumping right back into the books. The brain, as well as your body, needs relaxation once in a while to help you to concentrate better.

Something we tend to overlook during stressful times is our diet. Often times, students can be found guzzling down caffeinated beverages  while shoving sugary snacks down their throats during long and late-night study sessions. In addition to relaxation, the brain works better when it is fed on nutrients and healthy food. Dark chocolate increases blood flow to the brain, which can satisfy the sugar craving as well as benefit your health. An easy and tasty snack, such as a yogurt parfait with nuts, has ingredients that are proven to relieve stress as well as boost your immune system.

The next best thing college students love compared to a good snack is sleep. Everyone has different sleep patterns, but getting a good amount of it is essential during stressful times. Although it is difficult with inconsistent schedules between work and school activities, maintaining a steady sleep schedule is critical.

No matter how much pressure you may feel from professors, work, family life, etc., keep in mind that finals week does not determine the rest of your life. Eat a good diet, sleep well, and treat yourself to some time alone. Shake off the stress and keep living to your best ability. 

By: Sam Kralle


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