Stressed out?!

A new semester can be exciting!  New classes, new friends, maybe one step closer to graduation.  But it can sometimes be stressful, too!  Here are some tips to deal:

  • Use a planner to plan your schedule.  Time management is key!
  • Sleep – get some!  We all have different sleep needs, but the fact remains: we need it.
  • EaSASSt well.  Not sure what to pick?  Ask the Wellness Center’s RD, Jennifer!  Call x4333 to make an appointment!
  • Exercise.  Check out the Rec.  It’s busy this time of year, but there is space for you!
  • Take time for self-care.  It’s important!  Read a non-school book, binge-watch a TV series, go for a winter walk, learn to knit, whatever makes you happy.
  • Ask for help.  Over 50% of college students report having anxiety or depression concerns (source: National College Health Assessment).  Call the Wellness Center is you need support – x4333

Want more tips and to chat with other students in a non-clinical setting? Check out SASS on Mondays at 2p in the Wellness Center!

Posted by Allie Pearce


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