5 Easy Stress Relievers

Experiencing stress from time to time in our lives is normal. Stress can actually help determine how you’re feeling, motivate you to complete tasks and really help find yourself. However, when you are stressed, it’s important to find a relief that best fits you. Here are 5 easy stress relievers you can do on a daily basis.

1… Exercise – It seems like the last thing you want to do when you’re stressed out. But it doesn’t have to be vigorous, even a walk around the black or a quick bike ride can do the trick. My personal favorite is yoga. You don’t even have to go anywhere- just lay out a mat in your room, turn on music and do a couple stretches.

2…Take a break – Give your brain time to recharge after a long or challenging task. It could be from 5min-1hr, just anytime to focus on doing something fun or relaxing.

3…Play with a pet – rolling around on the floor with your dog or petting your cat it sure fire way to put you at ease. Don’t own any? Look up videos of them!atdawnweattack

4…Take a nap – A quick snooze can take your mind off of things. After about 10-30 minutes, you can wake up and feel refreshed and ready to start the day again.

5…Talk yourself through it – Take a few minutes to reflect on why you’re stressed and what can be done about it. Ask yourself these four questions: Why am I feeling stressed? Is it rational or irrational? What can I do about it now? How can I prevent it in the future?

These 5 are practical and easy to do on a daily basis. But there are also so many other options. Reading, writing, listening to music, or talking to a friend are also great ways to find inner peace. The possibilities are endless of what you can find that can help you de-stress.

– Lindsay Carfagno


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