Do you feel stressed regularly?

Do you feel stressed regularly? Do you have trouble finding ways to deal with that stress? A lot of college students do, so you’re not alone. It’s important to find healthy ways to relieve that stress that are easy to do. After all, stress can be bad for your health. Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness are easy and healthy ways to deal with stress. Not only can yoga improve your flexibility, muscle strength and endurance, and balance, but it also has emotional benefits. People who practice yoga regularly have decreased tension, sleep better, and feel less stressed. These benefits come from yoga’s emphasis on breathing and the mind/body/spirit that are also emphasis of meditation and mindfulness.If you want more information on how these techniques can help you relieve stress and would like to practice some yoga, make sure to stop by the group fitness room at the Rowan Rec Center on March 24th from 8-9pm for a stress relief workshop. We will be giving a presentation on how yoga, meditation, and mindfulness relieve stress and how you can incorporate these into your daily life, followed by a 30-minute yoga class. Make sure to come by!


Obsessions are inconvenient, taunting thoughts

Obsessions are inconvenient, taunting thoughts that kill happiness and positivity. I struggle everyday with my personal inner demons, and sometimes I feel I have nowhere to turn and no way to quiet the thoughts.
Thankfully, there are many ways to reduce obsessions and break the consuming cycle of negativity. When I was in 2nd grade and again in 5th grade, I went to therapy for OCD and learned how to cope with obsessions through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Ever since, I have wanted to help others do the same.
I am able to live with irrational thoughts and drown them out with positivity because of these tools that I will now provide at HCI’s Obsessive Thinking Workshop. It is on Wednesday, March 11, in the Wellness Center Training Room from 7-8pm.