The Grand Finale

With the end of the semester finally here, it’s tough to focus on anything other than our busy schedules of studying for finals and completing last minute assignments. As refreshing as summer sounds, there is much to be done before jumping in the car and heading to the beach with family and friends.

Though this time of the year is hectic and demanding, it can still be exciting. In order to make the most of these last few weeks, you can make a list of things you want to get done and a certain amount of information you want to cover each day, ensuring your work will be completed by its deadline and you will be ready for each exam. Following an organized schedule helps diminish stress and prevents procrastination, allowing for extra time to unwind and meet with friends before the semester comes to a close.

Aside from the work, plan to do something active and thrilling to distract your mind for a few hours, such as playing soccer or going for a drive to some place scenic. Also, reward yourself at the end of each day, whether it be catching up on sleep or having a movie night with friends.

Don’t forget to keep your mind on the prize! Summer is approaching, regardless of whether you get an A on every final. Work hard but not too hard; simply try your best and leave it behind you.