The HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers

The HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers® is a non-profit organization that partners with colleges, bars, restaurants, and law enforcement agencies across the country. The organization aims to put an end to drunk driving and the casualties which come with it. The campaign promotes the use of safe ways to get home after a night of partying such as using sober designated driver.  


“Our goal is simple: to register one million designated drivers and make having a designated driver be as automatic as wearing a seatbelt.” -HERO

The HERO Campaign asks individuals to never drive drunk and to always have a designated driver to help reduce the drunk drive tragedies statistics which claims over 10,000 American lives a year and cause injuries to thousands more. There are many options available to avoid drunk driving. A friend can be the designated driver, use of a taxi, or Uber are also options.

Rowan University is a proud partner with the HERO Campaign. Throughout the Rowan campus there are dozens of individuals who have taken the pledge against drunk driving and to be a responsible designated driver when needed. Be a hero and be that friend who never lets a friend drink and drive!

By: Gina-Marie Miraglia

For more information, and to pledge to be a designated driver, visit:


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